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Belgrade Postcard 2014. Spirit of Belgrade. The most beautiful Knez Mihailova street. Please visit
Look at the artistic photos of our capital,Belgrade
Belgrade -- city of good vibrations. Welcome to Belgrade. Belgrade is truly a metropolis. The position it has held through centuries, while standing on the crossroads of different cultures and customs, made it dinamic, hospitable and warm. Wide boulevards and big smiles on faces of the young is what Belgrade is all about. It is its energy that will make you feel at ease and right at home. The most famous locations in Belgrade are Knez Mihajlova and Strahinjica bana street, the Kalemegdan fortress and the bohemian quarter Skadarlija with its 19th century atmosphere.. Welcome to Belgrade. Pl
ease visit


As the owner of   portal, I would like to invite people from all over the world, from Venezuela to Australia, to give their contribution to the site and become our associates! For example, bisexual and gay visitors are more than welcome to describe „the scene" in their hometowns. It would be great if you write something about the most popular, or your favourite places, cafes, cruising areas and introduce the city to the visitors. We would also like to know more about your life, issues you are interested in, interesting stories and events! Our site will dedicate a part of its contents to advocacy and problem solving. We will do our best to support and help people in need of, at least, „a shoulder to cry on"! One of the ideas is to establish some sort of „crisis support centre" for the people who were abused in any form! I would appreciate your feedback on this idea! All this also applies on heterosexual visitors of our website... a brief, or even better, detailed description of your hometown for the potential tourists would be an interesting addition to the contents of the site! For all questions, suggestions and ideas, feel free to contact us to:

DONATE - The portal   is basically voluntary and fully depends on good-will donations. We are located in the Balkans in Serbia. Since we have not the proper conditions for functioning, we would welcome any help in any form: the exchange of articles on the gay topic, etc. Since the economic situation in Serbia is very difficult, we would appreciate any financial help in the form of money, which would serve to us for maintaining of our site. It would be very useful both for non-government organizations and for the Organization for Human Rights and organizations for promoting gay rights and Associations for improving gay life. If there are any donations, please contact us through our e-mail, and we shall send you further information on money transfer. Contact e-mail If you need any certificate that you helped our site, we shall be very glad to confirm your contribution. In case you need our certificate for tax benefits, it will be sent on your request. Any articles about the regulations of the gay marriages in the USA and Western Europe, about the gay heredity, adoption of children by gay parents, articles about AIDS, new medicines, and sex culture in general would be welcomed to our site. Would you be so kind as to send us the mentioned material and donations to our E-mail address

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