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ISUS JE BIO VANZEMALJAC ? Mankind's Extraterrestrial Origins. Is Jesus Christ a Space Alien?

Ljudi pre poveruju u Boga iako nema dokaza za njegovo postojanje, nego u vanzemaljsku inteligenciju iako je njihova zaostavština svuda oko nas.

The U.S. Government's "Red Book" is an Above Top Secret document that details the TRUE history of the Human race on planet Earth. It is a human compendium of information derived from extraterrestrials, who offered the U.S. undeniable proof of historical events. One of the revelations exposed in the "Red Book" is that Jesus Christ was a creation of one particular Alien group (EBE-2). Jesus was a genetically-engineered human-alien hybrid sent to Earth to teach the primitive Humans a lesson of love and tolerance. As writer Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Is it any wonder that ancient people were fooled by the "miracles" of Jesus? This wasn't the first time extraterrestrials tried to influence human affairs. Previously, they successfully appeared to Moses as a "burning bush" and dumped the 10 Commandments on mankind. The Aliens thought The Christ Project would be no different, but needless to say, their little experiment went horribly awry.


Dr Irena Sjekloća Miler:

"U Novoj 2014.godini saznacemo da je covek vanzemaljskog
porekla. Naucnici ce u 2014.godini objaviti da je Suncev sistem vestacka
tvorevina ,odnosno masinerija,a ne prirodna,kao sto se misli sada. Te da se
samo Sunce,Mesec i druge planete remontuju i ciste u ovom trenutku,pa je stoga
u nasem sistemu prisutna tolika kolicina i broj vanzemaljskih brodova koji
oblecu na sve strane,i oko nase planete i na nasem zemaljskom nebu. Mesec je
takodje, vestacki stvoren i dovucen u proslosti u blizinu Zemlje,kako bi odrzavao
njenu gravitaciju."

Human beings are of extraterrestrial origin!In 2014. we are going to find out that the man is of extraterrestrial origin. Scientists will announce in 2014 that the solar system is an artificial creation.To be more precise, it will be revealed that it is a machinery, and not of natural origin,as we used to think.The Sun, the Moon and the other planets are" repairing and cleaning" at present,thus a large number of alien spaceships are circling all around,even around our planet and our sky. The Moon has been also artificially created and in the past it was dragged closed to the Earth, in order to maintain its gravity."


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